Head to head to be the best: Driver 2

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Driver 2 was an open-world driving game for the original PlayStation and GameBoy Advance released in 2000. Although it had nostalgic music and thrilling missions, it received mixed reviews overall from the fans and critics. It had a style of its own and lived up to continuing the Driver game series. It was another game that helped end the era of the first PlayStation.

driver 2The game’s most well-known feature was the open-world, free roam style. The player could either do the story mode missions, or explore the big cities themselves in realistic cars that the game let the player choose from. The graphics were advanced for their time, which made the game even more intriguing and fun to play. It was all about exploring the town, high speed chases, and popular vehicles.
Despite the advanced graphics and exciting gameplay, it overall had a mixed reception with the public. With a 5/10 rating on IGN and a 62 score on Metacritic, it seemed that the opinion for Driver 2 was split. Some reviews praised the game for being as good as Grand Theft Auto as well as the advanced graphics, while others shot the game down for laggy framerates, overly-simplistic storyline, and overall stating that this game does not live up to the original Driver series.

Driver 2
Driver 2

Coming out around the same period of Driver 2 was Grand Theft Auto 2 in 1999. The two games had very similar features, and were closely compared to one another at the time. Grand Theft Auto 2 had quite a mixed reception from the crowd as well, with some loving it and others hating it (Metacritic, IGN). Some of the positive reviews from GTA 2 included that the atmosphere of the game matched the entire aura of GTA as well as the advanced graphics. Some of the downfalls from this game were bad control designs and the fact that it did not live the original. Overall, the two competing games had very similar positives as well as critiques, so it was all about personal preference when it comes to which game one would like more.

Driver 2 is a PlayStation classic that will be remembered for its advanced graphics, free-roaming mode, and memorable music. When it comes to racing head to head to be the best with its competition, GTA 2, I feel that Driver 2 held its own in the competition and left its mark on gaming history. If you grew up playing Driver 2, it is one game that you will never forget.

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