‘Doctor Who’ PC game now available in the U.S. — for a price

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Doctor Who Adventure GameAfter the season finale of Doctor Who airs Saturday on BBC America, U.S. fans can keep the adventure going. The first two “episodes” of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games are now available for download in the United States and other places outside the United Kingdom.

“City of the Daleks” and “Blood of the Cybermen” are packaged together on IGN’s retail site Direct2Drive.com for the not-free price of $4.95 (on sale now for $3.70).

Gee, that’s such a great deal, compared with the FREE pricetag for UK gamers. And, though there is a Mac version of the game, it’s not yet available outside the UK — just Windows.

The price gap probably has something to do with the fact that Brits have to pay a fee to support the BBC whether they watch television or not. But you would think that those Yanks who pay a premium to get BBC America so they can watch Doctor Who would get a promo code or something good for the game download. Not fair. No wonder we overthrew these people.

Via The Doctor Who News Page

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