Disney pops the hood on ‘World of Cars Online’

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This summer, Disney Online will launch World of Cars Online, a 3D online world based on the hit Disney/Pixar movie Cars. Hit the jump for full info from the press release.

Players will be able to take a ride into a wacky world full of fun and adventure by designing their own car, becoming a racing legend, making new friends and playing mini-games with Lightning McQueen and the rest of the cast. Just some of the features World of Cars Online will include are:

Create a Car: Players can pick the body style, color, wheels and name to trick out their own ride

Race for the Cup: Players start on local dirt tracks and work their way up to the national circuit to become a Piston Cup Champ

Explore the Open Road: Starting in Radiator Springs and driving beyond Carburetor County, players can explore a whole new world of snow racing, dune jumping, and beach wheelies

Build Your Own Race Track and Garage: Players can expand and decorate their Garage as well as build their own racetracks and invite friends over to race on it

Play Fun Mini-Games: There are awesome mini-games like tow truck driving, tractor tipping, stunt shows, and more

Cool Car Add-Ons: Players can earn coins to upgrade their Car with new paint colors, spoilers, rims, fins, bigger engines, and more one-of-a-kind items

Make New Friends: Players can meet and chat with Mater, Guido and Luigi, and other wacky characters from the movie as well as thousands of other players

Become a Legend: Players can steer their way to earning fans, sponsors and winning the Piston Cup, joining Doc, Lightning McQueen, and other elite racers!

To provide players with a sneak peek into The World of Cars Online, Disney Online recently launched The World of Cars Online TEST TRACK at www.WorldofCars.com. Now live for PC and Mac users, the TEST TRACK allows players to create their own Car and race it on test tracks, which earns players Car Coins that they can spend when The World of Cars Online launches this summer. Features of The World of Cars TEST TRACK include:

Car Creator: Three simple steps to creating a player’s own Car, including a Garage where they can customize their ride

2 Tracks: Training Track and Carburetor County Speedway

Leaderboards: Players can compare their track times against other players on the Racing Sports Network leaderboard

Unlock Collectibles including a Bonus Track: Race Codes are located inside specially marked Cars die-cast toys from Mattel

Fans can check out the latest Crews News and info about the game from the Disney Online Development Team at http://blog.worldofcars.com.

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