Disney Infinity ends as company quits console video game publishing

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Disney is getting out of the console video game publishing business — and ending its line of interactive Disney Infinity toys and video games in the process.

Kotaku brings collectors the sad news from Disney’s earnings report, which fell short of quarterly forecasts.

Disney released an official statement, which Infinity Inquirer posted on Twitter:

yoda-infinityThis month will see the release of Alice Through the Looking Glass content with three characters, and June will bring the promised Finding Dory playset –– and that appears to be the end. The games’ online servers will remain up for the for the time being, with “sunset” plans to be announced later, according to Polygon.

With only six figures left to collect, I’m frustrated — but my bank account is heaving an enormous sigh of relief. My shelves are just sighing, period.

While Disney is getting out of the console game self-publishing market, it’s doubling down on licensed games in a Galaxy Far, Far Away: The same meeting that saw Infinity scrubbed revealed that a new Star Wars Battlefront game from EA is on the horizon for 2017, with content from the new generation of Star Wars movies, and indeed “one Star Wars title a year for the next three to four years.”

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