Details emerging on new Star Wars online RPG


trooper-sizedEver yearned for the blank anonymity of the Storm Trooper life? Do you want to be a part of the faceless throng responsible for maintaining order in the Galactic Republic?  Well, Star Wars: The Old Republic is prepared to offer you just that. Bioware‘s upcoming online role-playing game has released information on the second class to see the light of day, the Trooper. While not as flashy as the first class to be revealed, the Bounty Hunter, Troopers have quite a bit going for them, extensive combat training, massive firepower and, of course, the distinctive armor. Troopers appear to be a long-range damage dealing class with both self-buffs and debuffs for foes.

Now that I’ve kicked my World of Warcraft habit after 4+ years, I find myself yearning for a new place to get my MMORPG fix. Bioware has been responsible for some of the finest games in recent memory and SW:TOR looks to continue that trend. It’s certainly got to be better than the first Star Wars MMORPG. Though it is still in development, I’m prepared to accept Star Wars: The Old Republic as my next obsession. Unless, of course, DC Universe Online comes out first…

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