Despite signs of life, ‘Stargate Worlds’ out of money, on hold

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sgwlogoStargate Worlds, the planned online roleplaying game based on the sci-fi movie and TV series, is now officially on hold until further funding can be found.

Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment CEO Timothy Jensen told Massively that the company’s recent website outage was due to a change in server providers. Around that same time, footage from the stalled game appeared in the Oct. 2 series premiere of Stargate Universe on Syfy, raising many fans’ hope that Stargate Worlds was finally going to shake its vaporware reputation.

But Jensen also said no new updates on the game’s status will come until more money can be secured.

The company and its founder and principal owner, Gary Whiting, were recently sued by investors who claim misuse of company funds. The Mesa company was granted a license by MGM in 2006 to develop an online roleplaying game based on the Stargate film and TV series, but those efforts have repeatedly stalled as the game’s financial backing came into question.

Meanwhile, Atari’s MMORPG Star Trek Online is forging ahead at warp speed. The company recently announced a Feb. 2 launch date for North America.

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