Design the next-generation starship Enterprise for ‘Star Trek Online’

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Star Trek OnlineStar Trek fans are getting the chance to redesign science fiction’s most iconic space vessel.

CBS and Intel are working with Star Trek Online developer Cryptic Studios to let players submit designs for the next generation of the starship Enterprise. Not only will the best entry be considered canonical in Star Trek lore, it will also be converted into a ship for the online roleplaying game — and there are fabulous prizes to be had:

  • Grand Prize: Custom-painted Alienware M11x laptop; STO Collector’s Edition; STO lifetime membership; and a 3-D model of the winning design
  • Second Prize: Alienware laptop (no custom paint job), STO Collector’s Edition and an STO lifetime membership
  • Third Prize: STO Collector’s Edition, STO lifetime membership and an Intel Core i7-875k processor
  • Fourth Prize: STO Collector’s Edition and an STO lifetime membership
  • Twenty-one Honorable Mentions: Standard-edition copy of STO and a Star Trek Online poster

To enter, head on over to the game’s Design Hangar when the contest goes live Dec. 9.

It’s not clear whether this will be the NCC-1701-F that follows the Enterprise-E of the most recent films starring the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast, but one thing is for sure: They can say the fan creation will be canon all they want, but that doesn’t mean mainstream Trekkers will accept it as such.

Star Trek Online players will also get a massive update before the holidays, with the launch of “Season Three: Genesis.” Improvements include a public beta version of a player-created content system; the ability to replay every mission, some with new rewards; the ability to integrate Borg technology into your ships; and a more realistic look and feel for the map overview known as Sector Space.

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