At least one D&D piracy case headed to mediation

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An Associated Press story reveals more details about the recent Dungeons & Dragons lawsuits than you can shake a Rod of Lordly Might at.

One of the defendants is bravely questing forth to represent himself in a copyright infringement suit filed by Wizards of the Coast, which is basically Hasbro — one of the largest toymakers in the world. His case appears to be headed for mediation, so he may yet make his saving throw vs. scary corporate lawyers.

Wizards of the CoastTwo of the lawsuits reveal that more than 2,600 digital copies of the spring release Player’s Handbook 2 were downloaded from the document-sharing Web site before Wizards had them removed. Scribd uses a versatile format called iPaper, which is similar to Adobe’s PDF and is in fact based on Adobe Flash technology, to embed documents in Web pages.

When Wizards file suit in April, they ended all participation in digital sales of their products, including legacy editions of D&D that are no longer supported — a move that angered many RPGers who were less than enchanted with the newer products.

The company has said it is exploring “other options for digitial distribution.” No word yet on what they may be, or whether they will include classic releases, but any initiative will likely involve the D&D Insider paid-subscription online service — as all things D&D do, these days.

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