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The OgreCave site has some interesting nuggets of news for gamers:

First off, Scrye, the long-running magazine for collectible card game players, is shutting down effective with its April issue. Since 1993 Scrye has reported on Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon and other popular card games, offering checklists and price guides that became the industry standard. In recent years it also expanded to cover collectible miniatures games (MageKnight, HeroClix, etc.). The magazine has owned the Web site since 2006 — no word yet on what its fate will be. Read more >>

But as one magazine folds, another is unfolding. Goodman Games, which for years has produced adventure modules and accessories compatible with Dungeons & Dragons, has announced it is launching a quarterly magazine called Level Up. Meant to complement the new fourth edition of D&D, it will comprise 32 pages and cost $1.99 per issue, with monthly publication a possibility in the future. Gamers have been fussing ever since D&D owner Wizards of the Coast ended the print runs of the official Dragon and Dungeon magazines last year in favor of online content, and Goodman is a popular publisher so there’s already a built-in audience — and the price is right! Level Up joins Kobold Quarterly, a scrappy little publication available in both print and PDF form, in covering RPGs today on the newsstands. Read more >>

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