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Konami’s epic RPG Suikoden and horror platformer Castlevania Chronicles have made their way onto PlayStation Network. Each is available for download for $5.99.


Players of this PlayStation classic enter an ancient world of bravery, mysticism and romance as they embark on a quest to discover their true destinies.

With the future of the Scarlet Moon Empire at stake, players seek out the Stars of Destiny to aid them in overthrowing the corrupt government. The head of the Liberation Army, players can also gather up to 108 companions to join them in battles as they call the shots in large-scale warfare. Suikoden offers variation in combat with the ability to battle groups of enemies with a team of six characters, defeat foes in one-on-one duels, or control the battlefield during major conflicts as the Liberation army wages war.

Castlevania Chronicles

Castlevania Chronicles on PlayStation NetworkUntil now, this iteration of the 2D, whip-wielding arcade and NES action game had yet to be released in America. Players enter a world where Count Dracula has been resurrected to begin a new reign of terror across the land. As Simon Belmont, descendant of legendary vampire hunters, players enter Dracula’s estate armed with a killer whip to destroy the count and his minions.

As you can see from the screen shots below, courtesy of Konami, it retains the basic appearance of the NES clasic Castlevania but with enhanced graphics and beautifully rendered backgrounds. It also adds new villains and levels and plays more like Super Castlevania IV.

Castlevania Chronicles on PlayStation Network

Castlevania Chronicles on PlayStation Network

Castlevania Chronicles on PlayStation Network

Castlevania Chronicles on PlayStation Network


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