Cardboard playhouse is a good ‘green’ gift for young kids

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I just found this simple, inexpensive gift idea at Wired’s GeekDad blog:

The Little Piggy’s Playhouse, designed by an architect for their kid, is an all-cardboard playhouse, made in the USA from 100% recyclable materials. They come in regular cardboard brown, or white – all the better for coloring!  And, I have to say, compared to similar items we’ve seen elsewhere, it’s pretty reasonably priced. They’re available for pre-order right now at $34.95 (you can save another 5% with coupon code JOYCE), and should start shipping next week.

Cardboard Playhouse is a Wonderful, Green Holiday Gift for Younger Kids, Dec 2008

Did you ever play with cardboard boxes as a kid? There’s nothing better to stimulate the imagination. This just takes it to the next, more aesthetically pleasing level.

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