Capcom tweaks ‘Street Fighter IV’ box art, sneaks collectors set

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Last week Capcom gave American gamers some idea what to expect in the U.S. version of the Street Fighter IV collectors edition, a $79 premium-packed set for the hardcore fans. Well, now they’ve given us some more details — with images — and announced a major change in direction for the game’s cover art.

Hit the jump to see what’s changed, and get a better idea of what the collectors edition will look like.

Street Fighter IV U.S. cover art for Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV U.S. cover art for PlayStation 3

Rejected Street Fighter IV U.S. cover art for Xbox 360

Whereas the previously announced cover (right) prominently featured Chun-Li — who will be played by former Smallville star Kristin Kreuk in a live-action movie due out Feb. 27 — the new cover art goes back to the original game’s roots and pulls us in with a Ryu vs. Ken illustration by SFIV art director Ikeno-san. Capcom says they made the change after “listening to players for the last two months, collecting feedback on your thoughts and impressions on the SFIV box art, especially after images appeared showing the Japanese version.”

Here’s what the company says will be in the final collectors edition of the game, coming out Feb. 17:

  1. The game (duh)
  2. A limited-edition (i.e., not sold anywhere else) figurine — Ryu in the PS3 box, C. Viper hotness in the 360 flavor. Decisions, decisions …
  3. Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind, a 65 minute anime movie — created by Studio 4C — that sets up the story of SFIV by explaining events post-SFII. BluRay disc in the PS3 box! The Xbox version is a 360 game disc that outputs the movie at 720P, not a DVD.
  4. A mini-strategy guide from Prima, written by the same people doing the full-on guide and illustrated by Udon Comics.
  5. CD soundtrack.
  6. … Plus some secret additional downloadable content that we’re not quite ready to reveal at this point. Look for more announcements soon!

All this wrapped up nicely in a box that features Ikeno-san’s instant classic illustration of Ryu, with images of the other characters on the sides.

Street Fighter IV U.S. collectors edition for PlayStation 3 Street Fighter IV U.S. collectors edition for Xbox 360

All images courtesy of Capcom

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