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On Sunday a particularly nasty bug popped up on the PlayStation Network preventing many PS3 owners from using their consoles to play online. If that wasn’t bad enough, certain games can’t even be played offline either, including the recently released Heavy Rain. (If this wasn’t bad enough already, now Gabe can’t play his PS3? I sense an upcoming Sony appearance in Penny Arcade and not the good kind.) One small bright spot is the problem seems to be confined to older versions of the console. The newer, thin PS3s seem to function fine.

Sony has said that they’re looking into it and are narrowing down the possibilities, but as of now there’s still answer as to exactly what is causing the “Error Code: 8001050F”. There’s speculation it may have to do with problems with the PS3’s internal clock.

I guess Xbox 360 owners finally have something to counter all those PlayStation fans who like to decry Xbox Live’s monthly service charge.

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Chris Adams
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