Are you a stabbing hobo or a singing hobo?


Those classy, continental Europeans. What will they think of next?

An online strategy game based on the struggles of the homeless has gone live in the U.S. after captivating Europe and infuriating aid organizations.

In the browser-based Bumrise, players assume the persona of a homeless person who has the potential to rise to the Manhattan elite by collecting bottles or learning an instrument and busking for money in the streets.

In addition, Kotaku reports that you pick pockets, attack other homeless people and rob vending machines.

Isn’t that nice?

The game is also available on Facebook under the name StreetRivals. Look out, Farmville!

Farbflut, the game’s German developer, defends it as exaggerated satire and says part of its proceeds are donated to groups that help the real homeless.

Germany. Hmmmm… That whole David Hasselhoff thing makes a lot more sense now, doesn’t it?

Source: GamePolitics, via Kotaku

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