Buckle up: ‘Star Trek Online’ updates galore

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Infogrames Entertainment, the French parent company of legendary video game maker Atari, is changing its name to Atari to take advantage of the better-known brand name, The Wall Street Journal reports. The company just posted mounting net losses over last year and could use a new identity.

Just this past December, Infogrames acquired Cryptic Studios, the developer behind the upcoming roleplaying games Champions Online and Star Trek Online.

The financial report also reveals for the first time an expected release date for Trek Online: It’s due out by the end of Atari’s fiscal year, which is March 2010.

Cryptic has been, well, cryptic about the platforms the game will be released on, but their FAQ says: “We haven’t finalized this yet. Suffice to say, we want to make a game that looks great and can run well on a wide variety of systems.” Champions, meanwhile, should be out this year for the Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

Also today, Cryptic detailed another of the ships that will be available to play in Trek Online: the NCC-94547 Excalibur Class starship (pictured above). It retains the basic shape of the classic USS Enterprise, but Cryptic has been promising a robust system of starship customization in the game.

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