‘Brutal Legend’ October release on track — for now


A judge today refused to delay the October release of the Jack Black video game Brutal Legend, but he did delay arguments and a formal ruling in the lawsuit brought by Activision to prevent the launch.

Brutal Legend LawsuitThe Los Angeles Superior Court judge rescheduled arguments on Activision’s motion for Aug. 6 because he has a full calendar, according to The Associated Press

Last month Activision filed a lawsuit against San Francisco developer Double Find to stop the game’s release. Double Fine Productions then counter-sued, claiming the makers of Guitar Hero can’t stand a little competition in the marketplace.

Double Fine started developing the game for Vivendi Universal, which was acquired by Activision last year. That publisher killed the game — Double Fine’s suit claims it’s because efforts to turn the game into a Guitar Hero installment failed — but development continued for rival publisher Electronic Arts.

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