Beauty – and money – is in the eye of the Beholder

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A face only a mother could love?

Would $100 change your mind?

Wizards of the Coast, the RPG arm of Hasbro that rules the Dungeons & Dragons universe, is sponsoring a Photoshop contest seeking promotional art by fans to help publicize the upcoming D&D Fourth Edition game. (Announcement | Contest entry)

All a digital artist has to do is create an 8×11 piece using the Beholder, one of the game’s most i-conic monsters, pictured above. (I-conic. Get it? Eye-conic!)

Of course, there are a few technicalities, as you’ll see in the entry form. But three winning entries as chosen by the company will each earn $100. That’s enough to buy a complete set of Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks. Or top off the fuel tank on your battle wagon.

So, what are you waiting for? Get Photoshopping!

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