An in-depth look at ‘Doctor Who’ Nintendo games

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Doctor Who Return to Earth NintendoThe Doctor Who News Page has updated with lots of details about the upcoming Doctor Who video games for the Nintendo Wi and Nintendo DS systems — even some screenshots.

There’s still no clear UK release date — and nothing on the radar for the U.S., either. But lots of information about gameplay and voice talent (none other than the Doctor and Amy, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, themselves).

The Wii game “Return to Earth” (pictured) is a 3-D action/adventure game featuring both the Cybermen and the Daleks. The Wii Remote stands in for the Doctor’s famous sonic screwdriver (and there’s even a matching accessory controller to complete the illusion).

The DS game, “Evacuation Earth,” is more of a puzzle game a la the Professor Layton series, and features the Daleks as well as the Silurians.

Head on over to the Doctor Who News Page for more images and descriptions of these games.

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