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A crunchy ‘Star Trek Online’ update for Christmas

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Cryptic Studios is becoming a lot less cryptic about the upcoming MMORPG Star Trek Online. For Christmas the developers have unveiled a type of Federation starship that will be seen a lot in the game: the NX-91001, descended from the USS Enterprise-E commanded by Capt. Jean-Luc Picard.

I think I’m in love. I need to know a release date for this game — yesterday!

What follows is some of the first STO in-game information to go public — and it isn’t for the casual Trekker. Geeky technobabble alert!

Star Trek Online NX91001


Exploration vessel; Commissioned: 2409

A starship designed to carry Federation influence throughout the Alpha Quadrant and beyond, the NX-91001 is one of the first multi-role starship designs since the Sovereign class was commissioned in the early 2370s. Able to function as a deep-space explorer with extensive sensors and laboratory facilities for scientific research, the NX-91001 also is outfitted as a heavy cruiser armed with some of the latest in Starfleet weapons technology for deployment in hostile areas.

The NX-91001 contains the best of the new technologies developed in the past 40 years. Bioneural circuitry mimics organic neurons, speeding data functions and improving computer performance. An advanced sensor pod can be operated from the bridge or manned directly for intense sweeps, and includes telemetric observation VISOR technology to allow a science officer to interface directly with data transmitted by a robotic exo-probe.

A holoemitter array system allows Emergency Medical and Emergency Command Holograms to operate throughout the ship when needed, and the ship is equipped with a Class 10 warp drive for normal operation and an advanced hyper impulse drive for sublight operation. The Class 10 warp drive is equipped with an advanced quantum sublimating theta-matrix compositor which recrystalizes the ship’s dilithium into a much more stable form than earlier models. This allows the NX-91001 to go much longer distances at high warp velocities before needing to replace the crystals.

Defensive systems of this starship are based on significant advances in Federation technology. The starship features an ablative tetraburnium alloy hull, which allows it to withstand greater amounts of heat and pressure than any previous design, and regenerative shields on the NX-91001 can adapt to enemy weapons fire during a battle. The ship also carries a full suite of offensive weapons, including 16 Type XIV phaser arrays, eight torpedo launchers and several other weapons. Note: Because of the recent conflicts, the complete weapons configuration of the NX-91001 is classified.



  • Overall Length: 692 meters
  • Overall Draft: 92 meters
  • Overall Beam: 253 meters
  • Displacement: 3,200,000 metric tons
    Propulsion Systems:

  • Class 10 Warp Drive
  • Hyper Impulse Drive
    Defensive Systems:

  • Ablative Tetraburnium Alloy Hull
  • Regenerative Shielding
    Embarked Craft (Typical):

  • 3 Shuttle Bays
  • 10 Shuttlecraft (various classes)
  • 10 Shuttlepods (various classes)

  • Cruising: Warp Factor 8
  • Maximum: Warp Factor 9.985
    Computer Systems:

  • Holoemitter Trans-Deck Array System
  • Holographic Consoles and Astrometric Laboratories
  • Bioneural Circuitry
    Offensive Systems:

  • 16 Type XIV Phaser Arrays
  • 4 Forward and 4 Aft Torpedo Launchers (Payloads Classified)
  • Additional Weapons Classified


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  • MINOR UPDATE – Some on the message boards at the official Star Trek Online site have speculated that the ship’s registry number – 91001 – might refer to a game launch date of Oct. 1, 2009. Fascinating!

  • MINOR UPDATE – Some on the message boards at the official Star Trek Online site have speculated that the ship’s registry number – 91001 – might refer to a game launch date of Oct. 1, 2009. Fascinating!