‘A Boy and His Blob’ – NES remake coming to Wii

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U.K. publisher Majesco today announced a Wii remake ofthe 1989 NES platformer a boy and his bob.

Sorry, Majesco, I don’t go for all-lowercase titles. So make that A Boy and His Blob. That’s better.

I’m loving the game’s anime look. It seems very Miyazaki-inspired (particularly like My Neighbor Totoro or Spirited Away).

“When a boy and his blob first appeared in 1989, it captured the imagination of gamers everywhere with its heartwarming storyline and unique gameplay,” said Gui Karyo, Majesco Entertainment’s executive vice president of operations in a press release. “Twenty years later, we are proud to bring an updated – yet still charming – reimagining of this beloved title to a new generation of Wii players.”

The original NES game got a sequel for Nintendo DS in 2005, also called A Boy and his Blob (but Majesco seemed to like Capital Letters a little more back in those days).

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