2 browser games to waste away your Monday


The best games are the ones that create their own believable set of physics, or that adhere so strictly to the rules of our own world that they are 100 percent immersive — and annoyingly addictive.

Flash-based browser games are nothing new, and the two highlighted below are hardly new either, but they are worthy of attention because they’re fun and inventive.

Bubble Tanks


Ever wanted to pilot a bubble? Who hasn’t? In this game you use the keyboard to control a bubble vehicle that grows as you collect smaller bubbles and travel from one big … bubble to another. I guess your could say it’s all about bubbles!

Every bubble zone your find is different, inhabited by thousands of enemies generated when you begin. The bubbles you collect buffer you from the attacks of these antagonistic Bubble Tanks. You fight them with a click of the mouse; if you lose all your defenses, you are deposited in a nearby bubble to begin again.

It’s serene and yet also boasts fast-paced gameplay. There’s already as sequel called, appropriately enough, Bubble Tanks 2.



The little bug-eared guy on the lower left is you. That glowing hatch on the top right? Your destination and the path to the next level. But you can’t jump that high! That’s where the arrow-filled bubble comes in. You create these anomalies of gravity by click-dragging the mouse in any direction. When you enter the anomaly, gravity shifts and takes you where the arrows point … and that could be to your doom, if the level contains more perilous obstacles like grinding gears, blades or deadly drops.

I could see both of these titles being a huge hit on Wii Ware, Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. And I think the stylus and touch screen of the Nintendo DS would make them a natural transition for the handheld market.

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