The Quest: ‘Amazing Race’ for the Renaissance faire crowd?

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The QuestThe creators of The Amazing Race and an executive producer of The Lord of the Rings trilogy are casting adventurers for a “reality” contest show with a fantasy flavor.

Read the announcement below and check out this webpage for information on how to apply. Specifically, they’ll want to know about your fantasy-inspired hobbies — LARPing, cosplay, Game of Thrones obsessions, etc.

Do you believe there is a hero inside of you just ready to come out? Have you ever thought you were meant to live in another world where fantasy and adventure go hand in hand? Have you ever desired to become a legend? Do you feel more at home losing yourself in the movies you watch or the games you play than in the real world that surrounds you?

From the Executive Producer of the award winning THE LORD OF THE RINGS Trilogy and the Emmy award winning creators of THE AMAZING RACE comes an epic and groundbreaking new competition show for a major network, the likes of which has never been seen on television! We are searching nationwide for adventure seeking, fantasy enthusiasts of all kinds who are ready to go on the epic journey of a lifetime!

The Arizona Renaissance Festival posted the blurb on Facebook, and added that “a live casting event will take place in Arizona near the end of May.”

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