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Super Mario Run plants Nintendo flag firmly in mobile gaming’s future

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Nintendo has dipped its toes into mobile gaming with the quirky but not earth-shaking Miitomo and the super-effective, but not wholly Nintendo-owned, Pokemon Go. But the real question for many gamers has been when the traditional Japanese company would allow one of its classic properties to appear on another company’s hardware. Now, we know.

On Wednesday, at Apple’s keynote introducing the iPhone 7 and iOS 10, Super Mario Run was unveiled. It will be out in December for iPhone and iPad and a later date for Android devices. It’s not a port – it’s a new game designed to be played one-handed, if necessary, as we do other things.

While SMR obviously evokes “endless runner” titles like Temple Run, this game’s levels will be finite. The game will also offer a limited free demo download, and in-app purchases, but won’t be “free-to-play” – it will have a definite up-front cost for the “full” version, which hasn’t yet been specified.

In other mobile Nintendo news, the company says that much of the world next week will get Pokemon Go Plus, a wearable accessory that allows some limited play without always looking at a smartphone. The Apple Watch will also support Pokemon Go by the end of the year.

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