Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster revealed

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Star Wars The Force Awakens poster

On Sunday, Star Wars fans awakened to a nice surprise: the official reveal of the theatrical poster for The Force Awakens!

Above is the “wide version.” Click through for the vertical poster format.

The Force Awakens poster

Star Wars The Force Awakens poster

Like the previously released teaser poster, there are many familiar elements, but some new ones stand out: a diminutive alien, to the left of Artoo, who may be our first look at Lupita Nyong’o’s motion-capture character Maz Kanata; Princess Leia! With an appropriately out-of-this-world hairdo that we didn’t see in the last sneak peek, and a cool starburst neckline that reminds me of some versions of the New Republic symbol; and an imposing piece of Death Star-like hardware in the top right that can only be the “Starkiller Base” superweapon. Also, a certain blue lightsaber in the hands of John Boyega’s Finn reinforces recent imagery that has many speculating will tie him to the Skywalker lineage.

Speaking of Skywalker, some characters are noticeably absent, such as Master Luke himself, and there’s still no sign of the First Order’s mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke.

Tickets and trailers

In addition to the poster reveal, there was official word at last that Monday will see the beginning of ticket pre-sales and a new look at the film on ESPN’s Monday Night Football. Some cinemas will be hosting special events and offering giveaways, so be sure to check the list for perks in your area.


Later Sunday, the official Star Wars Instagram account posted a brief clip teasing Monday’s ESPN trailer, and a couple of other clips emerged as well:

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