Star Wars Rebels finally back on Lothal – stealing kisses and TIE fighters …

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We haven’t been back to Lothal, where the action started on Star Wars Rebels, for some time. The Phoenix Squadron’s planned assault on the occupied world last season was thwarted by a triumphant Grand Admiral Thrawn. But now the Ghost crew returns to Ezra Bridger’s homeworld in “The Occupation” and “Flight of the Defender,” another two-episode block, as the fourth and final season continues Monday on Disney XD.

This week’s “In the Name of the Rebellion” episodes were numbered 3 and 4, but really, after the arc-wrapping “Heroes of Mandalore” it was more like a true season premiere, setting up for the beginning of the end as the timeline advances closer to Rogue One and Episode IV — A New Hope, and whatever fate awaits them.

But, back to Lothal! In this clip from “The Occupation,” Ezra and the Ghost crew are called back there when a new Imperial threat rises. Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus find themselves with a quiet moment alone together, for once — until …

In this next clip, from “Flight of the Defender,” Ezra and Sabine Wren work to steal an Imperial prototype TIE Defender Elite starfighter, but must rely on some unexpected help to escape from Thrawn …

This new one-hour block of back-to-back episodes starts airing at 9 p.m. Eastern Pacific on Monday, and just after midnight Pacific time on the DisneyNOW app. An episode gallery appears below.

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