Watch geek icons battle it out with Magic: The Gathering cards? Sure, why not?

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Geek & Sundry is at it again, launching Spellslingers, a YouTube series produced by The Guild’s Felicia Day that features other nerdy celebrities dueling it out at Magic: The Gathering.

Spellslingers comes out every other Wednesday and is hosted by tournament gamer Sean “Day[9]” Plott. In the debut episode, he goes up against guest Planeswalker Rob Simpson of StarCraft II and Red Bull eSports fame(?)

OK, so I’ve never heard of him — but the show is fun to watch, and since I’m getting back into Magic (after not really playing much at all despite a healthy-ish collection over the years that goes back to the original set and lots of expensive issues of Scrye) and my young son loves the game, I could go for a LOT more content like this. How about you?

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