SNL gives Star Wars screen tests The Force Awakens treatment

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Star Wars screen tests – take two!

Star Wars screen tests

In 1997, as George Lucas’ original Star Wars trilogy was celebrating its 20th anniversary and getting the Special Edition treatment, it also got the Saturday Night Live treatment as the Not Ready for Prime Time Players (and guest host Kevin Spacey) took on the roles of famous stars auditioning for the iconic roles in “lost” audition tapes. It’s widely considered to be a cult comedy classic.

This past weekend, SNL, along with The Force Awakens filmmaker J.J. Abrams and young leads Daisy Ridley and John Boyega, dusted off the concept and applied it to their upcoming Star Wars film, with the show’s regular cast joined by Emma Stone and Jon “Hamm Solo.”

Boyega can’t contain his laughter when he finds out he’s reading for the part of Finn, a black stormtrooper, which is just deserts after all the knee-jerk intolerance he encountered (and masterfully deflected) on social media. Michael Buble serenades Ridley with “Makin’ Wookiee” in a “chemistry test,” which will probably lift her spirits after fending off competition for the part of Rey from “a very convincing part-Asian Woman” Stone and not-Wynonna Judd.

A not-quite-Danny DeVito tries out for the role of BB-8 — and if he saw what a wannabe David Beckham does to the little ball droid, he’s probably counting his blessings the part went to an actual droid.

Lucas himself even shows up lurking in the shadows (not really) — and The Flanneled One finds craft services’ lack of Coke Zero disturbing. The founder and former owner of Lucasfilm also finds that his Force powers of persuasion are ineffective these days …

There’s a lot more in the sketch, which is entertaining and really benefits from a rewatch — but it doesn’t quite capture the magic of the original spoof. Let’s hope we’re not saying the same thing again just under a month from now, after we’ve all seen The Force Awakens …

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