Stylish promo will make you fall in love with Star Wars all over again (maybe even the prequels)

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Just try and watch this promo for UK/European cable network Sky Movies’ Star Wars saga marathon without a chill running down your spine.

The slick visual style, a combination of still images, motion graphics and actual footage from all six existing Star Wars films, is quite similar to the BBC’s trailer for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor.”

It succeeds so well by boiling each Episode down to its core elements — the thrilling podrace and Qui-Gon’s misplaced hope from The Phantom Menace, the heartbreaking betrayal of brothers in Revenge of the Sith, the high-flying pulp adventure of A New Hope’s cell block rescue, and so on.

Sky Movies’ erudite English advertisement exhorts you to “Feel the Force of the Star Wars Saga,” and that’s exactly what you will experience — if you have any kind of soul whatsoever! I’ve already done the family re-watch ahead of The Force Awakens’ opening next month, and this makes me want to start all over again.

Now, I just have to decide where to begin…

Via r/starwars

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