Paul McGann on his surprise return to Doctor Who: ‘It’s what we needed’

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I love Paul McGann. His time in the TARDIS with Doctor Who’s post-cancellation TV movie was too brief (although he has enjoyed a celebrated run in Big Finish’s audio spin-offs) and the lack of a regeneration scene segueing into the current incarnation of the series has always felt like an open wound that cast doubt on his legitimacy in the role. All that changed Nov. 14 with “The Night of the Doctor,” a “minisode” prequel to the Nov. 23 50th anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor” that took fandom by surprise. Now, McGann talks about his return to the role of the Eighth Doctor, about how he fits into the Time War mythos, and about how his costume has regenerated since he last played the character on TV. Hit the jump for the video feature and more images.

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