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Is Nintendo Switch Online’s classic NES perk already played out?

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Double Dragon II, NES Volleyball, City Connection now playable for Switch subscribers

The next batch of Nintendo Entertainment System games unlocking for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers June 12 are … a little underwhelming?

If City Connection (never heard of it), Double Dragon II and NES Volleyball aren’t scraping the bottom of the barrel, it’s pretty close.

Don’t get me wrong — it’s probably a great opportunity to discover hidden gems I missed the first time around. And I’ll take it.

But maybe it was too much to hope the monthly bonus releases could stay fresh and exciting. At this point, I have to agree with this sentiment on Twitter – bring on the Super NES era (and beyond) — ASAP.

If you want to play Switch game online (Splatoon 2Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, etc.), you’ll need to sign on with this service anyway.

But you can try the Nintendo Switch Online service free for a week. One month costs $3.99, three months cost $7.99 and a year costs $19.99 — but the best value is a family plan that costs $34.99 a year and accommodates eight people with free Nintendo Accounts. There’s also a promotion allowing Twitch Prime (and, by extention, Amazon Prime) members free trials.

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