Mark Hamill still a little short for a stormtrooper, but easily the coolest guy in Hollywood

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Well, I guess that answers that.Mark Hamill goes undercover as a new First Order stormtrooper on Hollywood Boulevard to drum up support for Force for Change, delivering on J.J. Abrams’ recent hint that we’d soon be hearing from the not-so-young Skywalker. Things get a little awkward when he runs into Iron Man (“Threepio?!”), dear old Dark Lord Dad and a Jedi with some real moves, but in the end everyone comes into the light for a good cause.

This guy’s heart is a big reason we all loved Star Wars from the get-go. I absolutely cannot wait until The Force Awakens opens and his gag order is lifted, so we can hear everything he has to say about going from playing the learner to being the master for a new generation.

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