Saga of sabers: Sizzling Skywalker swordfighting sampler from Sky

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Last year, Sky Movies across the pond caught our attention with super-stylish promo for its Star Wars Saga marathon. Now the UK/European cable network is back with another inspiring trailer for its full Saga presentation, including Episode VII — The Force Awakens — and it’s all about the legacy of the lightsaber.

And we can watch it on loop all day long. The editing even, almost, manages to make A New Hope’s comparatively tepid duel stand with all the others. (No hate here, but it’s true: The original Star Wars’ lightsaber battle just didn’t have the energy that would follow.)

Recognize the music? That stirring version of John Williams’ “Force theme” is recycled from last year’s final trailer for The Force Awakens.

So turn up the volume, maximize the screen and thrill along with every great clash, slash and flash as our favorite heroes and villains in a Galaxy Far, Far Away try to kill each other, or at least lop off a few extremities. It’s the Jedi way.

Stylish promo will make you fall in love with Star Wars all over again (maybe even the prequels)

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