Japanese trailer for The Force Awakens: ‘Hope is not lost today … it is found’

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Japanese trailer for The Force Awakens

After supposedly getting “the last” trailer before the film debuts Dec. 18, the fandom awakened Friday to a new Japanese trailer for The Force Awakens that is largely a simplified version of the American one, with a few new elements mixed in.

The music is new — and, I hope, real. There are a lot of new scenes, including a brief new look at Leia and other Resistance leadership. C-3PO. And Chewbacca! Lots of BB-8 and Rey, what appears to be Finn and Rey’s initial introduction aboard the Millennium Falcon.

For Japan, promotion of Star Wars has always focused largely on the technology, weapons, vehicles and starships, and this trailer definitely plays to that crowd. The new visuals are sweeping and impressive.

The overall tone of the trailer matches the previous U.S. one, but adds a few things: Kylo Ren’s “I will finish what I started” monologue gets a precursor: “I will fulfill our destiny.” Rey chats with BB-8: “Where do you come from?” (Electronic chitters.) “I know all about waiting … for my family.”

The end appears to be a voiceover on a black screen from the mysterious Maz Kanata (Lupita Nyong’o): “Hope is not lost today … it is found.” Is “it” hope, or something (or someone) else, that has been found?

Here are some stills of the scenes we haven’t seen before. We’ve also got shot-by-shot breakdowns of last year’s Black Friday teaser, the Star Wars Celebration teaser and the last trailer.

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