Got a minute? Second TV spot for The Force Awakens drops

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ABC debuted a second TV spot for The Force Awakens on Thursday night during the Shonda Rhimes programming block.

Did Donald Sutherland join the Resistance? (Far left, next to Han Solo.)

The Force Awakens Resistance leaders

There’s Han and Leia, with C-3PO caught red-handed (sorry) and what looks like Admiral Ackbar, or one of his Mon Calamari brethren.

We also get to see a thrilling TIE fighter escape, Han laying the smackdown with his trusty blaster and dispensing some (fatherly?) advice to Rey, and Finn employing some lightsaber moves against a First Order stormtrooper in what may be the same battle.

What really struck me about this preview was the music — a nifty little playful theme running throughout it seems to evoke both the Imperial March and the Jedi/Force theme. Could it be Rey’s theme? Or Finn’s?

Oh, and Kylo Ren is going to “show them the Dark Side.” Watch out.

The taglines: “A new threat. A new beginning. On December 18, every generation has a story.”

If you missed the first TV spot for The Force Awakens, catch it here, and be sure to follow Nerdvana on Twitter, Facebook and now Apple News for the latest developments in the rapidly expanding Star Wars universe!

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