DuckTales reboot will reboot individual episodes

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There are many great DuckTales episodes from the original late ’80s/early ’90s cartoon — and now you can check them all out, if you’re willing to shell out on iTunes, where all of them are available at last (even the ones that never got a DVD release). But you may also get to revisit some of them another way: The upcoming Disney XD reboot, which will get at least two full seasons, will mine classic DuckTales content for use in new episodes, according to the Oh My Disney! blog’s official account from the show’s D23 Expo panel.

The example cited was the spy spoof “Double-O Duck,” which executive producer Matt Youngberg cited as a personal favorite. That episode saw Launchpad McQuack mistaken for a lookalike spy and drawn into an international plot derived from James Bond’s greatest hits.

The new DuckTales reboot premieres Aug. 12 on Disney XD. It’s going to be pretty hard to miss if you have access to that channel. Here’s an amusing clip released at D23 to tide you over:

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