BBC America’s Fifth Doctor retrospective to include wrenching ‘Earthshock’ episode

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Hey, remember the ’80s? Doctor Who fans sure do. And the era in which the British sci-fi series celebrated its 20th anniversary will be revisited May 26, as part of BBC America’s monthly specials looking back the program’s 50 years and 11 Doctors.

The Doctors Revisited: The Fifth Doctor examines Peter Davison’s time in the role with the actor himself appearing along with his co-stars Sarah Sutton and Mark Strickson (Nyssa and Turlough) and current producer Steven Moffat. The presentation will include a screening of “Earthshock,” one of the most emotional episodes in all of Who-dom, then and now: “A conference to unite military powers against the Cybermen is about to take place, but the Cybermen plan to interrupt it and destroy the Earth. The Doctor must race against time to stop his enemies at any cost.”

“At any cost,” here, is not a just a figure of speech.

I think the Fifth Doctor era doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves. It contains some of the series’ best pure sci-fi storytelling, overall, and while it’s a dramatic departure in tone and special effects, there are loving nods throughout to the show’s heritage.

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