Doctor Who’s season premiere coming to the big screen

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Doctor Who: Deep Breath in cinemas

Doctor Who’s season premiere, “Deep Breath,” will get a big-screen presentation the same day it arrives on TV screens: Aug. 23.

We don’t have a theater list yet, but show runner Steven Moffat is promising screenings at “cinemas all over the world.”

Last fall, the 50th anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor” got a worldwide cinema release as well.

Meanwhile, there’s a new, brief trailer for Peter Capaldi’s first full episode in the title role, urging us to “Listen!” And so we shall — after all, who argues with their Doctor? …

UPDATE: Twelve U.S. cities will reportedly get the cinema viewings, with a wider release at more than 500 theaters Aug. 25.

Details on the Aug. 23 showing — including theater locations — are set to be released Aug. 5.

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