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It’s been quite a week to be a fan of Doctor Who in all its various forms. On the heels of last week’s announcement of a spin-off called Class set in the Coal Hill School, we now have these tantalizing Time Lord developments.

Time War tales

The War Doctor (Big Finish Productions)

The Eighth Doctor: The Time War (Big Finish Productions)

Big Finish Productions has signed possibly its biggest talent yet with John Hurt agreeing to reprise his role as the Time War-tormented War Doctor in 12 new full-cast plays on audio starting in December.

There will also be a lead-in series come November starring Paul McGann chronicling the early days of the Time War as the Eighth Doctor, whom we finally saw regenerate info Hurt’s previously unknown incarnation in an online prequel episode to 2013’s 50th anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor.”

Big Finish has done an amazing job for years of bringing back classic Doctors for new adventures, even before the television series resumed, and it’s beyond satisfying to see them entrusted with the telling of the Time War’s epic details.


Master builders

Finally — official Doctor Who LEGO! Specifically, the dimensionally transcendental TARDIS inside and out with minifigures and accessories representing the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors plus Clara Oswald, Weeping Angels and Daleks! It lands Dec. 1 for about $60. (Well worth it! Who hasn’t wished for an accurate LEGO TARDIS set?)

Lost and found

On the classic series front, there are new details on the long-awaited U.K. release of the once-lost 1967 Patrick Troughton episode “The Underwater Menace.”

Of course, the modern program’s Series 9 is now underway and with Jenna Coleman officially leaving the role of Clara already, you can expect an announcement about companion casting soon. And we’re already getting a holiday reunion with River Song (Alex Kingston), the Doctor’s wife, for the annual Yuletide special. (Merry Christmas, Sweetie!)

And with viewership reportedly slipping, there’s lots of talk about possibly shifting Doctor Who from a full series to more of a Sherlock model with several feature-length episodes per year — and star Peter Capaldi has is not yet confirmed to return for Series 10. Stay tuned.

Here and there ...

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