BBC America to highlight Doctor Who’s Colin Baker era with a ‘Vengeance’

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Colin Baker in Doctor Who

As yearlong Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebrations continue, BBC America will highlight Colin Baker’s tumultuous (and shouty) time as the Sixth Doctor in a documentary June 29 that will include the notoriously violent episode “Vengeance on Varos.”

The Doctor visits the planet Varos to obtain the rare ore Zeiton-7, vital to the functioning of his TARDIS. But Varos is a dangerous place, where rebels are tortured on live television and executions are used to win votes from the public. Trapped in the dreaded Punishment Dome, the Doctor and his companion Peri must fight for their lives – and save the starving population from the machinations of the villainous reptilian Sil.

I suppose the entire “Trial of a Time Lord” story arc — Colin Baker’s swansong season — was too much to expect …

Known for his colorful cat-pinned coat (which can be seen swishing through the TARDIS briefly during the recent finale of the current series’ seventh season), Colin Baker — NOT to be confused with predecessor-once-removed Tom Baker — was a powerful presence indeed from 1984-86 who brought more of a brusque manner to the Time Lord when his foes were ratcheting up the body horror and raising the ire of civil conservative forces in Britain.

The documentary portion will include reminiscences from Baker as well as his costars Nicola Bryant and Bonnie Langford and current series producer Steven Moffat.


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