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Is The Conjuring 2’s demon nun Valak real and is it possessing popular culture?

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Is The Conjuring 2's demon nun Valak real and is it possessing popular culture?
While The Conjuring 2 is not that great of a film, with too many monsters and not enough creepiness, people seem to be fascinated with the movie’s main villain, a demon named “Valak” who appears in the guise of an evil nun.

The Nerdvana home office has recently noticed an internet trend towards Hell, with some of the most popular searches on our site being very Valak-heavy. Which is great news for our advertisers, but more than a little scary when you consider that this same search for a demon is likely happening all across the globe. When you add in the development that the nun is getting a spinoff flick, this starts to look like more than just a “bad habit.”

Have web-surfers sold their souls to the devil? If one believes in demons and in evil, then you likely also believe that the pursuit of it has potential to open doors that are better left closed – and heavily locked. So why do it unless you are, yourself, possessed?

“does the conjuring nun was real” — actual inbound search term that directed someone to this blog …

I certainly don’t want to make light of the many devastating tragedies that have occurred in the past several days, but it is rather disturbing that these things have happened all at the same time the world is apparently fascinated with a demonic presence that has invaded popular culture. Like mom warned us when playing with Ouija Boards, are we inviting evil into our world with our simple fascination of it?

Religious believers from many different factions will tell you that, yes, we have undoubtedly unleashed “the beast” onto our world – and it’s easy to think that a certain tangerine-tinged tyrant who is running for president might just be the anti-Christ – but even from an objective, technical standpoint the correlation of evil with the search for it is inarguable.

Flying Nun SupermanFrench philosopher Joseph de Maistre famously said, “Every nation gets the government it deserves.” But does this axiom also apply to our every way of life? By so readily embracing evil, searching for it over, say … kittens, make us a more evil society? (I know that there are those who would say kittens are evil, but you’re missing the point.)

Doe the supernatural have anything to do with society’s ills, or are we simply witnessing an inevitable cultural comeuppance that is tied to our love of guns, violent entertainment, gore and our overall hateful ways?

Look at what has become of Superman, the world’s foremost interdenominational do-gooder, now lowered to the level of a vigilante thug (at least in the current cinematic universe). Imagine if the top searches on our site were for the true, blue, virtuous Superman or Captain America, instead of a demon named “Valak.” Imagine if we all wanted to learn more about what it means to be heroic, instead of spending our time looking for evil.

What does this all mean? Read into it what you will … but while some are searching for evil, and others are searching for the meaning of life in our “mixed up, muddled up, shook up world,” instead of finding Valak, I think I’m just gonna go search for Dory this weekend.

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