Ahsoka goes to the dark side — of the Republic capital — in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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I have a bad feeling about this. Are we about to learn the destiny of Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice on Star Wars: The Clone Wars? Because it feels like we’re getting close — tragically close.

She’s on the run after being framed for the murder of a Jedi Temple bomber, and her flight leads her to the deepest levels of the Coruscant underworld and into the arms of a surprising ally. Can she unravel the conspiracy against her and the Jedi, or will she end up forgotten and not even worth a mention in Revenge of the Sith?

“To Catch a Jedi, the third part of a four-episode arc leading up to the season finale, airs Saturday morning on Cartoon Network. And with Disney’s acquisition of the Lucasfilm empire, it may be one of the last times you’ll see the series on that channel.

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