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Castlevania pachinko

The Castlevania series has a rich heritage of solid gameplay and innovation, and is especially beloved among retrogamers (along with Metroid) for its role in the legacy of platforming adventures. The same could once have been said for the game series’ developer and publisher, Konami.

But Konami doesn’t really seem to be interested in cultivating that reputation these days, as recent questionable business decisions including this recently revealed Japanese pachinko game shows. And that’s not all it shows.

(Breasts. It shows breasts. Spooky horror breasts. And “erotic violence.” In 2015)

The Castlevania we knew and loved is gone. (For me it’s been gone for a while, but the more recent incarnations of the franchise certainly have earned a lot of fans, and more power to them.) Now the franchise is just another nostalgic brand to be licensed like any other. Game over — castle’s been sold folks, move along.

But take heart (or whip a few within reach): We’ll always have Virtual Console. And Bloodstained – that looks awesome.

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