Zombie artwork feeds charity’s needs at downtown Mesa block party

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“Zombies Versus” is the theme of this month’s Second Friday block party in downtown Mesa. Dress like a zombie for a zombie walk, or dress like a robot and help eradicate the zombie uprising at this family friendly gathering with live music, art, contests and prizes.

Speaking of art, a “Zombie Bob Ross” (portrayed by artist David St. Albans) will give his undead art creations away for the price of two nonperishable food items or a $2 cash donation to Mesa’s United Food Bank. See if he’ll paint you a “happy little brain” or two…

Other harrowing Halloweenish highlights:

  • Monsterland, a state of the art haunted attraction, loaded with CGI, animatronic figures, laser, strobe, and water effects.
  • Creative costume contest with live music and prizes at the OneOhOne Gallery at 8 p.m.
  • Haunted basement tours of the spooky OneOhOne Gallery basement space, starting at 8:30 p.m.
  • Real robotic demonstrations at the HeatSync Labs hackerspace.
  • Kids can trick-or-treat at participating Main Street businesses.
  • Cult classic horror films will be showcased at the Royale Theater.
  • Designer vinyl toy art show at the Rusted Nail Gallery, featuring handmade resin figures and custom designer toys from around the world.

Find more Halloween events at the East Valley Tribune site or explore the Nerdvana Calendar for more things to do.

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