Westercon 70/LepreCon 43 features fantasy artist Larry Elmore, much more

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Larry Elmore Dragonlance artwork
Larry Elmore Dragonlance artwork

The regional science fiction and fantasy convention Westercon 70, aka Conalope, has combined with the art-focused Arizona sci-fi/fantasy staple LepreCon, in its 43rd incarnation, to occupy the long holiday weekend July 1-4 at the Tempe Mission Palms.

Guests of honor include fantasy gaming artist Larry Elmore, local artist guest of honor Gini Koch, Star Trek saviors Bjo and John Trimble, author Connie Willis, and many more, as well as gaming, film screenings, a masquerade, an art show and a charity auction.

Also, Nerdvana contributor Bob Leeper will present one of his favorite topics, “Arizona’s Early Connections to Popular Culture,” on Saturday, discussing how Edgar Rice Burroughs and Percival Lowellm made the state the center of the pop culture universe and influenced over a hundred years’ worth of comics, books, TV shows and films. Leeper will be joined by Dr. Timothy Yamamura.

LepreCon 43/Westercon 70/Conalope details:

You can find all the details at Westercon70.org.

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