Vul-Con gets preview event April 2 at Gamer’s Inn in Mesa

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Vul-Con logoThe Valley will get a first look at its newest gaming convention April 2, when organizers of Vul-Con, billed as “the Southwest’s Coliseum of Gaming,” hold the smaller Vul-Con Arena I at Gamer’s Inn in Mesa.

“We’re fortunate to be able to work with Gamer’s Inn,” said Vul-Con organizer Jay Mann. “They have an amazing amount of game space for a retail establishment, so we will be able to run a broad range of events – Miniatures games, card games, board games, RPGs, hybrids, etc.  Basically a taste of each of the ‘game flavors’ that will be at the large event in greater scale, variety, and numbers.

“We have some Roman-themed games we’ve been developing for the big event.  One is a Circus Maximus game with a table nearly 20′ long that contains a model Hippodrome for eight players to Chariot Race against each other in a notated turn format.  Another is an approximately 5′ diameter model of a Roman Coliseum in which players will battle 90mm scale gladiators against each other (also in notated turn format).”

The exact miniature games, card games and RPGs for Arena I are still being finalized, but there will be learn-to play events early in the day.

Stay tuned for more Vul-Con news as it develops!

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