Video game landscape art on display Sept. 16 at Scottsdale gallery

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Shinra from Final Fantasy by James BarnettScottsdale artist James Barnett made waves online last summer with his Fauxvism series, exploring landscapes painted from video games such as Final Fantasy, Fallout, Half-Life and Grand Theft Auto. His work was even recently featured in Wired UK.

Now you can see his latest round of paintings, including some portraits and many landscapes, in an exhibition 7 to 9 p.m. Sept. 16 at spec10gallery on Marshall Way in Scottsdale.

“These aren’t from screenshots I found online; I navigated around inside of each of the games until I found a composition I liked, and then made a painting of it,” the artist says on his website. “I certainly spend more time in games than wandering the idyllic countryside.

“There’s a whole spiel behind this, starting from frustration at 3D games slavishly imitating real life (though this has been lessened thanks to Braid and others), but really, artists should shut up and make pictures. Just think of me with my blue smock, sun hat, and luxurious beard in front of an easel on a hill in Fallout 3. Mmm, radroach meat.”

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