thrill halloween promo art

The Thrill is gone: Another Arizona pre-Halloween event bites the dust, and another rises to take its place …

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thrill halloween promo art
Thrill Halloween promo art

A few months back, the Valley’s popular and kitschy little Keen Halloween event was scrubbed after Phoenix Comicon parent company Square Egg Entertainment pulled its recent backing and Keen creator and organizer Daniel Davis of Steam Crow declared the convention he had started “concluded.”

Then, just days later, Square Egg announced a new event, Thrill Halloween, would occupy the same weekend slot (Sept. 30 to Oct. 1). Now that company is killing Thrill Halloween and issuing refunds to anyone who made reservations. The reason? A lack of progress and satisfaction with their efforts.

More harrowing — and happy — Halloween happenings …

“Producing a subpar event is not in alignment with our core values and mission statement,” Square Egg CEO and founder Matt Solberg said in a press release.

A spokesperson for Square Egg told Nerdvana there have been no discussions about whether the Thrill Halloween concept might return in future years.

But the vendor-showcase void apparently will be filled in the short term by Monster Market, a new event just announced this past week for Oct. 7 at The MOXY Tempe, 1333 S. Rural Road. The 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. marketplace will be followed by a moonlight pool screening of The Lost Boys 8:30 to 11 p.m. Cult Classics programmer and event director and graphic designer Victor Moreno is at least one of the Monster Market masterminds, with Valley nerd cred that runs deep.

As with the larger Arizona convention scene, you can’t say the Halloween-themed event scene has been boring this year. It’s clear there’s a market for crafty, spooky and vintage Halloween fun and festivities

Davis, meanwhile, will be holding another event, “WEENHALLOW: A Monster Scouts Holiday,” Oct. 7 in Peoria for friends and family members of his membership-based Monster Scouts club.

The concept just won’t die.

Phoenix Fan Fest fiddles with format, fixes up first famous guests

Along with canceling Thrill Halloween, Square Egg said the company is also taking community feedback to heart and adding programming and guest panels to the upcoming Phoenix Fan Fest, which also has a strong vendor-marketplace focus. (They’re also advertising “affordable space” for “comics, creations and collectibles” with tables starting at $129.)

In addition, the first guests for Phoenix Fan Fest, Nov. 11-2, were announced today: Steven Universe voice-over performers Zach Callison, A.J. Michalka and Grace Rolek.

Phoenix Fan Fest advertisement

Here and there ...

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