Super Bowl cinema surprises

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Superman #264Super Bowl means super Sunday for the Nerdiverse! Not because of the big game, but because interspersed throughout the gridiron action will be a slew of new movie trailer premieres for your perusing pleasure.

The pre-game show starts at 11:00 a.m. this Sunday, February 5th, on NBC, and I’ve completed painstaking research throughout the inter-webs to compile this extensive list of not-to-be-missed film confections! Some are more exciting than others, and some are disappointingly going to be absent altogether, but there are definitely some heavy-hitters here you don’t want to miss.

Check this list twice, and be sure you have your snacks in hand well in advance of the show start. If you don’t have a DVR, you may want to consider keeping a bedpan close by (at least until the new Avengers trailer has run).


21 Jump Street
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
The Hunger Games

During the Game:
GI Joe: Retaliation
The Avengers
John Carter
The Dictator
Act of Valor

Maybes (fingers-crossed):
The Lorax
The Bourne Legacy
World War Z (fingers & toes crossed)

Not Happening (Really? Come on Hollywood – this is a major foul!):
The Dark Knight Rises (you can watch the current trailer for some cool football action)
The Amazing Spider-Man
Wrath of the Titans

Some of these new trailers have already shown up online, and there are certainly a lot of other great commercials to see (the new Volkswagen one is pretty cool). But if World War Z makes the show tomorrow, it won’t matter who beats who in the football game, geeks everywhere will be celebrating a win!

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