Rebels producers reveal iconic ship, McQuarrie-inspired look; Williams score confirmed for Episode VII

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At the Star Wars Celebration Europe II convention Saturday in Germany, producers revealed a stylish orange and black logo for Star Wars Rebels, the upcoming animated series set between Episodes III and IV. The look was described as emulating the Alliance fighter pilot flight suits from the original trilogy. They also showed off concept art that draws heavily on the early imaginings of the late original Star Wars conceptual artist Ralph McQuarrie, including the Ghost, an iconic new starship meant for a central character in the show, and paintings that seem to show Imperial TIE fighters soaring over a plant similar to Expanded Universe depictions of Alderaan, Princess Leia’s ill-fated adoptive home.



It was also announced that season 5 of The Clone Wars, which was canceled earlier this year, would be out on home video Oc. 15, as would a box set of the entire series. No concrete plans were announced for the unfinished “bonus content” left over from the show’s aborted production, but supervising director Dave Filoni said it would be coming, perhaps in some experimental form.

Lucasfilm president and sequel producer Kathleen Kennedy put rumors to rest and revealed that legendary composer John Williams would be returning to score Episodes VII, VIII and IX.

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