Star Trek: The Next Generation’s epic ‘Best of Both Worlds’ on Blu-ray, big screen — where it belongs

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Star Trek TNG Season 3April 30 will see the release of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s third season on remastered Blu-ray, and as is becoming tradition, we’re also getting two key episodes in theaters for one day only. This time, however, only one episode will be from that season — the other will be the premiere of the fourth season, as we’re getting both parts of the summer-straddling two-parter “The Best of Both Worlds” presented as a feature-length movie! Arguably still the most epic cliffhanger since “Who Shot J.R.?” (too soon?), this is the tale that finally delivered on the menace of the Borg and showed that in the 24th Century, even the idyllic Federation could face an existential threat. In the Valley, the special presentation will be held April 25 at AMC’s Ahwatukee 24, Cinemark’s Mesa 16 and AMC Westgate 20.

bestofbothworldsTNG’s third season is when the show really hit its stride, and it’s the one stretch of the show that I must add to my video collection. (Not counting my meticulously recorded and typewritten-labeled VHS tapes. Commercials paused out, of course!) And I’m definitely planning on catching this once-in-a-lifetime showing of BOBW on the big screen. But if you can’t catch it, and you just can’t wait until the fourth season debuts on Blu-ray to complete the Borg storyline, April 30 is also the release date of a special release of the episode’s feature-length presentation on Blu-ray.

Resistance is, indeed, futile.

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